Bekki Davis

Equity and Diversity Experience                                                                                                     

Office of Equity and Diversity                                                  September 2010 - August 2011
Program Coordinator
- Montclair State University

  • Trained, supervised, and coordinated work for 15 volunteers and interns
  • Assisted students in creating outreach and activism projects that matched personal interests
  • Developed marketing and advertising materials for programs 
           Example: Latino Heritage Month - Reyna Grand Flyer
  • Co-facilitated Connecting Across Cultures weekly conversation group
  • Assisted with preparations for annual programs including Asian Pacific Islander/Latino/Islamic Awareness months
  • Assisted with execution and recruitment for "Hijab Challenge"
  • Facilitated Diversity 101 lectures for 375 students in weekly First-Year Seminars 

In 2011 Montclair was the recipient of the Youth Leadership Award granted by the American Conference on Diversity in recognition of our anti-bullying efforts, LGBTQ exclusivity, and diversity celebration programs. PDF of my article is here.


Participating in the Hijab Challenge at MSU
      Participating in MSU's Hijab Challenge


Women's Center                                               September 2010 - August 2011
Program Coordinator- Montclair State University

My primary duty with the Women's Center was to serve as a counselor.
Issues I worked with included: 

                                Abusive Relationships ~  Substance Abuse
                                                      Low Self Esteem 
                                           Sexual Assault ~ Homelessness
                                                  Transitional Challenges 

My secondary duty was to provide programming for the campus. I developed and facilitated over 40 workshops on topics including:

                          Healthy Relationships       Safer Sex Practices
                         Gender and Leadership     Stress and Balance
                          Personal Empowerment    Intimate Partner Violence
                                                   Body Acceptance

I also facilitated a weekly Women's group called Woman to Woman.

Upward Bound                                                                June 2011 - July 2011

  • Worked with 30 first generation, low income high school students participating in Upward Bound program for traditionally under served youth
  • Provided general counseling for students  
  • Facilitated workshops on professional grooming and healthy relationships
  • Tutored in English and assisted with college essay drafts


Gender Awareness Symposium                               May 2011, 2012 
Coordinator/Planning Committee - Bergen County Technical School 

  • Coordinated 1/2 day education symposium for 400 students
         (9 presenters with a total of 36 presentations ran)
  • Topics included: Body Autonomy, Managing Online Presence, Breaking the Bro-Code, Relationship Rules, and Culture Conflict
  • Assisted 2012 symposium coordinator with logistics
  • Facilitated professionalism and program planning workshop for 2012 presenters  

See highlights from the 2011 program by watching the video to right!

Witness for Peace Global Initiative                                                January 2011      
Team Nicaragua Delegate - Montclair State University

  • Co-coordinated school supply drive for Los Quinchos children's program
  • Participated in 10 day "Education for Action" delegation
  • Met with community leaders in Nicaragua to learn about different factors that stunt the growth of developing countries
  • Developed presentations on maternal health issues, family structure, free and fair trade, and global responsibility

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