Bekki Davis

Residence Life                                                                                                                                                        
My time working in residence life was invaluable. I furthered my crisis intervention skills when I had to respond to a case of suicidal ideation, cases of sexual assault, and other medical emergencies. I engaged in peer counseling for my residents for everything from romantic relationship issues to coming out to loneliness and homesickness.  I enjoyed building relationships with my residents and being a community builder and mentor. Here I also developed my confidence to confront students broke campus policies or were engaging in unhealthy actions. I learned how to turn these challenging times into teaching moments for myself and the student.  

Rainbow Diversity House                             September 2005 - July 2007 
Resident Assistant - University of Rhode Island

 My first Residence Life experience started with the Diversity House.
 The D-House as it is affectionately known, is a living learning community for
 45 undergraduate students interested in social justice and multiculturalism.

  • Facilitated weekly hall meetings and room drop-ins to connect with the students 
  • Managed administrative tasks including room condition reports, maintenance requests, incident reports
  • Counseled peers on personal, academic, and career concerns
  • Mediated roommate conflicts

 Examples of Programs I planned for Diversity House Residents:
 Belly Dancing, Cultural Dinners, Hallway Pow-Wows, Low Ropes Course, 
 Alaskan Baseball, Ooze Ball Team, Foreign Film Night (weekly), Stress
 Management, Reiki, Homemade Holiday Gift Craft Nights, Holiday History

Burnside Residence Hall                                                                      September 2007 - May 2009    
Resident Assistant - University of Rhode Island

 Burnside Hall is a traditional style residence hall with about 300 residents. I was directly responsible for
 a tower of 58 residents.

  • Planned weekly and monthly community building programs
  • Coordinated speakers from outside departments to deliver health and wellness and professional development programs 
  • Completed weekly resident tracking reports for supervisor
  • Responsible for security of building on duty nights
  • Enforced university policies

Resident Assistant Board                                               September 2005 - December 2008   
Hall Representative - University of Rhode Island

  • Member of Resident Assistant Board; Represented Diversity House (2005-2007), Burnside Hall (2007 -2008)
  • Provided input regarding training and hiring of new Resident Assistants
  • Collaborated on cross-hall programming
  • Gave weekly reports for represented hall
  • Served on Service Committee - planned community service projects for Res. Life staff.         Co-planned:
                    Campus Clean Ups
                    Burbon Street Bash fundraiser for Katrina victims, raised over $500

Resident Assistant Boot Camp                                                                Summer 2008, 2009  
Trainer - University of Rhode Island 

RA Boot Camp is a intensive two day training for new RAs.

  • Mentored 10-12 new hires during camps and academic year
  • Role modeling what it means to be an excellent RA
  • Trained students on program planning, confrontation, and community building in their residence hall
  • Facilitated "Behind Closed Doors",  a role playing activity with realistic scenarios that the new hires will face in the coming year

One example of a program I wrote and co-facilitated for camp is:
30 days, 30 ways - Setting the Tone in the First Month

Lesson plan is found here.

Summer Conference                                                                           May 2009 - August 2009   
Summer Conference Assistant - University of Rhode Island

  • Provided customer service and hospitality to wide range of conference guests
      ex. International Engineer Conference, Special Olympics, Cristian Teen Conference
  • Assist with traffic on move in days, largest group had 2000 participants arriving
  • Attend to facilities issues and accommodation requests made by guest
  • Host New Student Orientation parents during breakfast and answer questions and concerns